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Batman 1966 pt. 3 The Movie

Troy and David talk about the Batman movie from 1966.
In March of 1966, a decision was made to make a feature film of the TV show. An all-star set of baddies, called The United Underworld, decide to de-hydrate some of the leaders of the free world, and extort the nations of the world to have their leaders returned. July 30, 1966, released in theatres. July 4, 1971, premiered on TV. The Penguin’s submarine. The Penguin as ringmaster. Burt Ward doing most of his own stunts in the film. Bruce Wayne falls hard for Miss Kitka. Troy and David look at the two iconic, classic scenes in the movie. 1] The scene where a shark takes a bite out of Batman’s leg. 2] Batman trying to get rid of a bomb. All of this in a universe where everything is labelled. The famous Dutch angles (when the camera is not level), when you are in the lair of a criminal. Maybe because they are crooked? “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.” A bomb with the longest fuse in history. Troy and David also do their Dream Casting and Schrödinger’s Cast, looking at six roles: Batman [Adam West] Robin [Burt Ward] The Riddler [Frank Gorshin] The Joker [Cesar Romero] The Penguin [Burgess Meredith] Catwoman [Lee Merriwether]

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