Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi
Return to when you first fell in love with SF-F-H.


This episode is released in 2024 on Star Wars day, May the 4th, as in, May the 4th be with you. Dan Miwa joins Troy Harkin and David Clink. Dan, being a first-time guest, is asked about his earliest genre memories, and his first genre love. He is then asked the standard 6 questions for first-time guests: Fave Author; Fave Novel; Fave Shorter Work; Fave Movie; Fave TV Series; and, Fave TV episode. Troy presents a history of the film. Troy and David and Dan do their Dream Cast and their Schrödinger’s Cast for the following 6 roles: Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) Barf (John Candy) Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) Dot Matrix (Joan Rivers) (voice) Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) Skroob / Yogurt (Mel Brooks) = = = Dan Miwa
Dan Miwa, lover of all things science fiction and psychological fiction, merged his two favourite genres into his novel “Ret”. The story takes place on a distant planet, within an alien civilization and follows the life of a little alien through a journey of self transformation. Much of the charm in Ret is how a story with a wild imaginative alien setting can be so relatable at its core. Ret is not only a powerful coming of age story, it’s a depiction of human life that holds a mirror to the social challenges we face as a society today. Ret reached #1 in Hot New Release and #2 Best Seller in all his sci fi categories on Amazon. The push for his novel doesn’t stop with the written word. Dan is currently working on converting Ret to a graphic novel and screenplay, as well, he is in the beginning stages of writing a prequel to Ret. Ret 2 Zombie Invasion… just kidding.

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