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Superman pt.1 – Comics & TV & More

Welcome to the first episode of season 5 of Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi! And what better character to launch a new season than a look at Superman?

Troy and David look at Superman, from its beginning, the comics, graphic novels, the radio show, the various TV series, and some of the merchandise. Do you remember, as a child, running around the yard in a towel / Superman cape? And how about the Commander Tom Show, where they played episodes of the old George Reeves Adventures of Superman?

Troy and David talk about Superman’s nicknames, his pets. They also talk about the number of comics Superman appeared in, and the villains he faced.

Who is your favorite Supervillain that Superman faced? Lex Luthor? Bizarro? Troy and David reveal their fave villains.

Troy does his history of Superman, not to be missed. He also recommends some graphic novels that should not be missed.

This is pt.1 of a 2-part episode. The second part (scheduled to be broadcast in four weeks, on Saturday, Nov 4, 2023), will look at the movies. In between, on Saturday, Oct 21, there will be an episode on the Stephen King Tour, a fitting October episode.

This episode, pt. 1 of Superman, is being broadcast on Saturday, October 07, 2023.

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