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Season 1, Episode 11—”Shrinkage – pt. 2″

Land of the Giants
(Image: creative commons license)

“Shrinkage” could not be held to one episode. The smaller something becomes, we guess, the more you need to to talk about it.

For those who missed part 1, Shrinkage is another term for miniaturization. making things small. Imagine if you are an inch tall, and you have to fight off a spider, or a cat.

Troy Harkin and David Clink are at the cottage, but this time they are at a campfire, as they continue to talk about shrinkage, while being eaten alive by insects.

Troy Harkin will sing an original song about shrinkage. Not to be missed.

Our special guest is Cam P. Fire. See author photo and bio below..

Cam P. Fire

Cam P. Fire is hot right now.

His favorite MASH character is major Burns.

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