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April, 2023

Season 4, Episode 09—The Twilight Zone PT 1

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This is our look at The Twilight Zone.

Troy and David have a special guest for this 2-part episode. Tom Elliott. Please see his bio below. The Twilight Zone ran from 1959 – 1964. Hosted by Rod Serling. Rod also wrote most of the episodes.

Many have listed it as their inspiration to work in the speculative genre field.

Mel Brooks, a lifelong fan, wrote an entry for the book Everything I Need To Know I Learned From The Twilight Zone. In it, he said, “Every time I watched The Twilight Zone, I was completely ready to surrender to it.”

You know when you have an iconic series when there are so many parodies and homages. The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror had a parody of the episode “To Serve Man” that is fantastic. Saturday Night Live parodied Nightmare at 20,000 feet, and Eye of the Beholder.

Troy and David have a special guest for this 2-part episode. Tom Elliott. Please see his bio below.

David asks Tom about his early genre loves and all-time faves, before getting into discussion on The Twilight Zone.

Troy gives a history of The Twilight Zone.

And we look at the five seasons, highlighting specific episodes that stood out.

Tom Elliot began The Twilight Zone Podcast in 2010 intending to record short ten-minute stream of consciousness thoughts after each episode viewing. As the production quality of each episode increased, so did the diversity of show content. As well as episode reviews, the podcast grew to include short story readings, book reviews, event coverage and interviews.

Guests such as Anne Serling (daughter of Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling), Earl Holliman (the first actor to ever appear in The Twilight Zone) plus many others have all graced the airwaves of The Twilight Zone Podcast. The Twilight Zone Podcast has become the definitive and longest running podcast about the landmark show on the web.

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Season 4, Episode 08—The Big 50th Episode Bash

Our 50th episode!

Troy Harkin (on the left) and David Clink are the genre-loving hosts of the podcast.

Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi celebrates their 50th episode in style. A live show, recorded on April 10, 2023. The Theme – TIME TRAVEL!

We had a number of people attend, and there was a time travel quiz, on movies from 1970 – 2023.

Troy plays an acoustic version of the theme.

Listener mail. A Beatle-ism.

And a Dream Cast and Schrodinger’s Cast of people that could have played Troy and David. Who else could of (or should have) been the hosts of this podcast?

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Season 4, Episode 07—Twiddle Twaddle (or Devon’s Lair)

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Was Twiddle Twaddle the greatest science fiction series of all time? Was it better than ST:TNG? Star Trek Classic? Doctor Who? the Prisoner? BSG? Buffy? Many think so.

David Clink (one-half of Two Old Farts talk Sci-Fi) moderated a panel about the show, back on November 5th, 2022. The guests were Adrienne Kress (the fourth fart?) and Ira Nayman (affectionately known as “The Third Fart”). This episode is a recording of that panel. The panel was held at Astronomicon, in Rochester, New York, run by super fan Wayne Brown.

Adrienne is a huge Twiddle Twaddler! She fell in love with the show watching it in reruns as a kid on Saturday mornings, and it’s still her favourite comfort show to return to time and time again. She also loves to cosplay Furious Francesca (maybe not the best Twiddle Twaddle medic, but surely the most entertaining!)!

Ira Nayman wears a pony tail as an homage to Tony, the cross-eyed mailman, who was a regular in season five of Twiddle Twaddle. Fans of the show will know that his character, like all of them, were killed off at the end of the season because the new show-runner wanted to take the series in a different, more science fictiony direction. Heartbroken, Ira never fully recovered

Adrienne Kress is an award winning and internationally published author, actor and screenwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Her most recent novels include The Explorers adventure trilogy and the horror novels Dreams Comes To Life, The Illusion of Living, The Lost Ones and the upcoming Fade to Black based in the world of the Bendy and the Ink Machine video game. Her first graphic novel, Ghost Circus, illustrated by the amazing Jade Zhang, will be out in 2025!

Ira Nayman is the published author of eight novels, 25 short stories and 14 collections of Alternate Reality News Service (“When we break the news, it stays broken!”). He was also the editor of Amazing Stories magazine for three years. His dream is to build a time machine so he can go back to 1979 and be a member of the writers’ room for Twiddle Twaddle.

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