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Season 3, Episode 1—”Bruce Willis Retrospective: Where There’s A Willis, There’s a Way”

BRUCE WILLIS in The Sixth Sense
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Season 3!!!
First Episode!

Bruce Willis has been in so many science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, that it is hard to keep track.

Here are a few, not a complete list
(Movie <character> year [IMDB rating]:

Glass <David Dunn> 2019 [6.6]
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For <Hartigan> 2014 [6.5]
G.I. Joe: Retaliation <General Joe Colton> 2013 [5.8]
Moonrise Kingdom <Captain Sharp> 2012 [7.8]
Looper <Old Joe> 2012 [7.4]
Surrogates <Greer> 2009 [6.3]
Planet Terror <Lt. Muldoon> 2007 [7.1]
Grindhouse <Muldoon> 2007 [7.5]
The Astronaut Farmer <Col. Doug Masterson> 2006 [6.3]
Sin City <Hartigan> 2005 [8.0]
Unbreakable <David Dunn> 2002 [7.3]
The Sixth Sense <Malcolm Crowe> 1999 [8.2]
Breakfast of Champions <Dwayne Hoover> 1999 [4.5]
Armageddon <Harry S. Stamper> 1998 [6.7]
Mercury Rising <Art Jeffries> 1998 [6.1]
The Fifth Element <Korben Dallas> 1997 [7.7]
Twelve Monkeys <James Cole> 1995 [8.0]

Troy Harkin and David Clink will look at Bruce Willis’ genre films, and talk about the enduring legacy that he has left us, in the wake of his announcement in late March 2022 that he is retiring as an actor.

NOTE: The idea was that Troy and David would release this episode in the Summer of 2022, and their discussion during the episode relates that. But they are releasing it as their first episode of season 3.

Listen to the 2of podcast online, or download the episode to your computer using the Download icon!

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