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Season 3, Episode 6—”Galactic Rock – pt.1″

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Cherished Vinyl – Flash Gordon
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Purple People Eater | Steve Berry | Flickr |
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Troy Harkin and David Clink (and Lee McCormack) look at Galactic Rock. This three-part series delves into Rock ‘n’ Roll that is “out there” and perhaps even “out of this world” including things that are science fiction, fantasy, horror, and their mashups and subgenres, and will delve into science and space, from the beginnings to present day.

Were you a fan of…

Space Oddity and Star Man (both by David Bowie)
Monster Mash (by Bobby Pickett)
Theme From The Munsters (by Jack Marshall)
The Lonely Man Theme [often referred to as “The Hulk walking away music”] (by Joe Harnell)
The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley

Listen in as we look at these songs and much more.

Be sure to check out the entire series:
pt. 1 (available beginning July 9, 2022)
pt. 2 (available beginning July 23, 2022)
pt. 3 (available beginning August 6, 2022)

Troy and David’s special guest for this series is Lee McCormack.
Please see his bio below.


Be sure to check out our Spotify playlist: “Galactic Rock (TOF)”

It includes every song that we mention in our three-part series and many more. It is ten hours long! Shuffle away!

Lee McCormack BIO

Lee McCormack is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and podcaster.

As a musician he has played in Malhavoc. He’s headed up professional tributes to Johnny Cash, and The Clash. He has also played drums as Ringo in various Beatles tribute bands. In addition to this he’s recorded his own material at the legendary Sun Record studio in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2020 he released the single “Train to Heartbreak” backed with “Every Night’s A Saturday Night”.

Lee has been the host and producer of Tramps Like Us, a Bruce Springsteen podcast, since 2016.

Listen to the 2of podcast online, or download the episode to your computer using the Download icon!

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