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Season 4, Episode 10—The Twilight Zone PT 2

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The Twilight Zone ran from 1959 – 1964. Hosted by Rod Serling
Rod also wrote most of the episodes.

This is part 2 of Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi’s look at the Twilight Zone.
This episode looks at (as Troy Harkin says):

Rod Serling after The Twilight Zone, and…
The Twilight Zone after Rod Serling.

There were a few Twilight Zone series since the original. There was also a Twilight Zone movie.

Tom Elliott, the host of The Twilight Zone Podcast, is the special guest. He was also the special guest for part 1.

Tom and David and Troy talk about The Twilight Zone in the later decades.

Tom and David and Troy do the Dream Cast and Schrodinger’s Cast, choosing one character from the original series, and choosing another actor or actress to fill the role, one the best actor (living or dead) which is the Dream Cast, and one unusual choice, for the Schrodinger’s Cast.

They also talk about Night Gallery, and The Planet of the Apes. And Troy asks Tom about the SerlingFest Convention.

This episode is not being broadcast on Saturday, June 10, 2023, as David says in the episode. It is being broadcast on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Tom Elliot began The Twilight Zone Podcast in 2010 intending to record short ten-minute stream of consciousness thoughts after each episode viewing. As the production quality of each episode increased, so did the diversity of show content. As well as episode reviews, the podcast grew to include short story readings, book reviews, event coverage and interviews.

Guests such as Anne Serling (daughter of Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling), Earl Holliman (the first actor to ever appear in The Twilight Zone) plus many others have all graced the airwaves of The Twilight Zone Podcast. The Twilight Zone Podcast has become the definitive and longest running podcast about the landmark show on the web.

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Season 3, Episode 10—”Saturday Morning Cartoons”

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Saturday Morning Cartoons is a term referred to the line-up of cartoons that ran Saturday mornings in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Generally these were animated, and many were genre (science fiction, fantasy or horror).

Scooby Doo and The Jetsons were two such shows that were popular. Jonny Quest was another such show. Many remember fondly Spiderman and Rocket Robinhood, despite the poor quality graphics, the backgrounds that were used and reused and reused.

Star Trek had an animated series, that “bridged” (pardon the pun) the gap between the classic series from the 60s and the first motion picture in 1979.

What were your favorites?

The Flintstones? Top Cat? The Jetsons? Jonny Quest?
Beany and Cecil? Masters of the Universe?
Jem and the Holograms? Thundercats?

Do you remember…

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle? Return to the Planet of the Apes?
Speed Buggy? Jabberjaw?

And do you remember some of the live action series…

Shazam! (with animated sequences)?
The Secret of Isis? Jason of Star Command?

Join Troy Harkin and David Clink as they recall the many shows that comprised the Saturday mornings of our childhood. Maybe some of your faves will be mentioned.!

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Season 2, Episode 10—”Genre Crushes: Beefcake and Cheesecake”

Cast from Battlestar Galactica
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Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
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Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter cast at San Diego Comic-Con
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Cast of Firefly
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Genre Crushes.

We’ve all had them.
Who were your genre crushes when you were young? And how about now?
Some grew up with a crush on Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Others may have had a crush on Dirk Benedict or Richard Hatch in Battlestar Galactica. Did your bionic leanings lean toward Lee Majors or Lindsay Wagner?

If you are drawn to liking women, were you inclined towards

Velma or Daphne in Scooby Doo?
Buffy or Willow in Buffy: Vampire Slayer?
Xena or Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess?
Bo or “Kenzi” in Lost Girl?
Maggie or Carol in The Walking Dead?
Number Six (Tricia Helfer) or Number Eight (Grace Park) in BSG?

If you are drawn to liking men, were you inclined towards

Fred or Shaggy in Scooby Doo?
Steve or Bucky in Captain America?
Apollo or Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica <1978-79>?
Spock or Kirk in Star Trek <1966-68>?
Sam or Dean in Supernatural?
The Shoveler or Blue Raja in Mystery Men?

And there are, of course, a very long diverse list of crushes, including Sanaa Latham; Wesley Snipes; Michelle Rodriguez; Simu Liu; Michelle Yeoh; Diego Boneta; HoYeon Jung; Zoe Saldana; Sonequa Martin-Green; Eartha Kitt; Ming Na Wen; Nichelle Nichols; Tia Carrere; Thandie Newton; Grace Park; Terry Carter; Kandyse McClure; Will Smith; Yadira Guevara-Prip; Bille Dee Williams; Park So-dam; Priscilla Quintana; LeVar Burton; Woo-sik Choi; Lisa Ray; Michael B. Jordan; Luciana Paluzzi; Sarah Shahi; Nicole Beharie; Steven Yeun; Kelly Hu; Diego Luna; and Rekha Sharma, among many others. There are so many, one cannot do an episode without leaving out one of your own.

Troy Harkin and David Clink welcome back two special guests for this Valentine’s TOF. Charlene Challenger was the guest for Season 1 Episode 6: Blade Runner. Shaindle Minuk was the guest for Season 1 Episode 8: Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Who were Charlene and Shaindle’s crushes? Who are they now?Troy and David cover their own, as well.

Some of the categories the four will look at:
SEXIEST SEX SCENE (Genre TV or Genre Movie)
SEXIEST Sci-Fi Movie of All Time

David came up with a couple of fun categories…
Sexiest genre actor/actress in an annoying party scene
Looking for Love and Feline Groovy

Charlene and Shaindle and Troy and David will come up with, individually, based on a movie that does not exist, their own…
ELEVATOR PITCH for the SEXIEST Sci-Fi Movie of All Time

Will it live up to the one for Barbarella?
A beautiful, young fortieth-century astronaut prevents the positronic ray from getting into the wrong hands.


Charlene Challenger is a writer and graduate of X (renaming in process) Theatre School. Her first novel, the young adult fantasy The Voices In Between, was nominated for the 2015 Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel and longlisted for the 2015 Sunburst Award Young Adult Novel category. Its sequel, The Myth In Distance, was published in 2016. Her work is also featured in Stone Skin Press’s Gods, Memes and Monsters. She lives in Pickering, Ontario with her family and her adorable house-wolves.


Shaindle Minuk is an animation builds artist and has been working in the TV and film industries for decades in various capacities.

She is also the editor and co-founder of misterkitty.org, which hosts some of the many comics and graphic novels Shaindle has created over the years, alongside humorous features such as “Found Objects” (in which Shain showcases her vast collection of creepy, unappealing ceramic animal figurines and toys) and the popular “Stupid Comics”, which provides in-depth commentary on, well, stupid comics.

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Season 1, Episode 10—”Shrinkage – pt. 1″

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The Incredible Shrinking Man
(Image: creative commons license)

Why “Shrinkage”?
Miniaturization by any other name wouldn’t smell so sweet.

Troy Harkin and David Clink are at the cottage, on the dock, in this installment of Two Old Farts Talk Sci-Fi, discussing Shrinkage. From Alice in Wonderland and The Borrowers, The Master from Doctor Who, Irwin Allen’s Land of the Giants, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and Richard Matheson’s The Incredible Shrinking Man, why is there such a fascination with the shrink ray? Does size matter?

Our special guest this week is Cott Age-Country. See bio and author photo below.

Cott Age-Country

Cott Age-Country is the son of Ravine the Impossibilist, and Rand E. Bush. Cott can be found in the Muskoka region, near Huntsville, where he keeps company with fireflies and mosquitos, and enjoys the sounds of loons and moose in heat. Cott likes to barbecue, and then relax later by sunning himself on an inflatable floating island, while drinking a brewski. He is a self-proclaimed expert on everything about shrinkage, and likes to shrink-wrap things. In his youth he was an Olympic diver, known for his tuck position.

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