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Season 5, Episode 08—Valentine’s Special PT 1: Love in the Stephen King Universe

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Our Valentine’s Day Special looks at love in the Stephen King Universe. We have our guests from our Halloween Special, the two who run SK Tours (Stephen King Tours), Jamie Tinker and Jennifer Millar.

This is a 2-part episode.

PT1 will be broadcast on Saturday, Feb 10, 2024.
PT2 will be broadcast on Saturday, Mar 09, 2024.

In between, on Feb 24, will be our Black Superheroes episode with special guest Wayne Brown.

When it comes to love in the Stephen King Universe, there are all kinds of love.

First loves.
The love of family.
Unrequited love.
Adolescent love.
Love in the apocalypse.
The love of a parent for their child.
The love of a fan for her favorite writer.

Troy and David and Jennifer and Jamie go through the books, look at the different kinds of love that exist.

We ask Jennifer and Jamie to talk about their first speculative genre memory, the first genre thing they fell in love with, and their all time faves.

We ask them what their first experience of love in the King universe.

Who would have made the best prom king and queen in the novels of Stephen King? Who were your favorite couples?

Jamie Tinker and Jennifer Millar

Jamie Tinker and Jennifer Millar own and operate SK Tours of Maine out of Bangor. The three hour long tours are an authoritative celebration of Stephen King in general, as well as his fictional town of Derry.

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